Primary Care Trust

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Primary Care Trust (PCT)

one of the bodies which receive government funds to provide health services nationwide. Performance and standards are monitored by strategic Health Authorities. The focus is on community based health services including point of contact services such as the general medical practitioner. Prevention is also within their responsibilities. Secondary care is delivered by, hospitals which are run by, for example, NHS Trusts.
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NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: Gideon Ben-Tovim OBE is chair of the Innovation Agency, having previously served as chair of the Liverpool NHS Primary Care Trust and chair of NHS Merseyside.
Under new rules introduced by the Coalition government, each NHS primary care trust in England must open up at least three health services to "any qualified provider", whether they are from the NHS, private sector, charity, social enterprise or voluntary organisation.
He said: "The problem was the practice needed prior approval from the local NHS Primary Care Trust and, thanks to the ill-thoughtout and divisive new structure being imposed on the NHS by the Government, the PCT was already winding up its affairs and lacked the capability to sanction this approval.
* Chair: Dr John Middleton, Vice President, Faculty of Public Health and Director for Public Health, Sandwell NHS Primary Care Trust
But after a year long fight he has just received all that cash back from his local NHS Primary Care Trust.
The other partners in the scheme are Natural England and The Heart of England NHS Primary Care Trust.
Solihull NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) urged paramedics to take more patients to walk-in centres instead of A&E in a bid to save the NHS pounds 75,000.
But her solicitors say a series of blunders by the Western Cheshire NHS Primary Care Trust mean she is now forced to use a mobility scooter to get around.
The diabetic, from Portsmouth, now plans to go on a get-fatquick diet to tip the scales at more than 21 stone - the weight deemed necessary by his local NHS primary care trust.
Community health services including district nursing, health visiting, learning disabilities, community hospitals, child health centres, diabetes and asthma clinics and therapy services are all run by your local NHS primary care trust.
"They are already sexually active, we haven't encouraged them to be sexually active," The Telegraph quoted Jennifer Smith, from the Isle of Wight NHS Primary Care Trust, as saying.