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Recommendation: To improve the management of NIST interagency agreements and provide reasonable assurance that NIST is efficiently using its resources and complying with applicable fiscal laws, the Secretary of Commerce should direct the NIST Director to provide reasonable assurance that its interagency agreements are complete, accurate, and constitute a binding legal agreement, create, document, and implement a robust fiscal and legal review process for interagency agreements.
The record-low uncertainty of the NIST clock opens the door to ultraprecise tests of foundations of physics, including relativity and the steadiness of the so-called fundamental constants (SN: 5/14/05, p.
For each NIST force calibration report, this measurement uncertainty is given as the expanded uncertainty, U, which is calculated in accordance with NIST Technical Note 1297, "Guidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results" [7].
Despite the loss of about a quarter of the transmitters, the NIST team is reporting its initial findings, some of them striking.
In addition, off-site laser sources can be used in conjunction with a portable beamsplitter/attenuator system designed and built by NIST to perform these measurements.
To produce standard bullets, the NIST team first machined pieces of a copper alloy into bullet shapes.
Projects to make fountain-type clocks adapted to zero gravity for the International Space Station are also under way in France and at NIST.
This service is being implemented within the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) at NIST, based on Red Hat's recommendation.
Participants discussed and debated challenging computer security and usability issues related to the Help America Vote Act and the role NIST will play in the law's implementation.
21 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, the NIST group gives a new value for the Planck constant of 6.
CygnaCom Solutions, a leader in information security testing and consulting, today announced that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has designated CygnaCom's Cryptographic Equipment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) as a NIST Personal Identification Verification Program (NPIVP) test facility.