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Recommendation: To improve the management of NIST interagency agreements and provide reasonable assurance that NIST is efficiently using its resources and complying with applicable fiscal laws, the Secretary of Commerce should direct the NIST Director to help guard against the use of cancelled appropriations, electronically record and monitor key information about the period of availability of appropriations advanced to NIST from client agencies.
The NIST advance could ultimately improve navigation and telecommunications systems, says Jean-Jacques Zondy of France's National Metrology Institute in La Plaine Saint Denis.
Thus the "disseminated result" of a force calibration at NIST is the set of coefficients [A.
The cumulative ten-year economic benefit of this NIST ATP program could well exceed $90B for the U.
Two months after the New Orleans experiment, the NIST engineers were in Philadelphia for the felling of Veterans' Memorial Stadium.
Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of the NIST nonlinearity measurement system for characterizing high-power laser detectors.
Eventually, the goal of the NIST part of the CSAC Program is to develop a clock physics package (including laser, laser optics, vapor cell, vapor cell heater, photodetector, and magnetic shield) based on the CPT scheme with volume less than 3 m[m.
To acquire genuine scratch patterns to put on their standard bullets, the NIST team collected six bullets from the ATF and FBI.
Serving as the key testing and standardization organization within government, NIST certifications carry additional weight and credibility.
To help determine the source of such degradation, NIST scientists measured variable-temperature critical current of a "witness" superconductor strand that was thermally processed along with the superconducting cables used to make the latest two ITER test conductors.
It's a big, exciting time for the clock community," says Jefferts, one of the leaders in the construction of the first NIST fountain clock expected to become a primary standard.