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In some cases, permanent scarring of the nail matrix may occur, so a normal appearance may not he restored even after the infection is eradicated.
In our reported case, after resection of the epithelized granuloma, both sides of the posterior nail fold and the nail matrix were cauterized completely with phenol.
BEST TIP: Protect the nail matrix (the area that produces the nail) from sports shoe trauma by wearing shoes slightly large and keeping nails trimmed short.
The nail matrix which is directly under your cuticle, is full of blood cells and growing nail material.
Until now, few medications reached two important locations in the nail--the nail matrix and the nail bed--in adequate concentrations for long enough duration to rid invading fungus," Aly says.
Ito and her team discovered an important clue in this process, a population of self-renewing stem cells in the nail matrix, a part of the nail bed rich in nerve endings and blood vessels that stimulate nail growth.