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Skelsey said, are effective in dealing with nail matrix lesions.
Nail matrix cells are continuously dividing cells that are frequently affected by chemotherapy leading to cosmetic nail disfigurement.
Topical antifungal agents can be used in pediatric nail infections that do not involve the nail matrix (lunula).
PMC has been widely used and reported having high success rate in permanently destroying the nail matrix and cosmetically satisfactory with less postoperative pain15,16, but unpredictable extensive tissue damage, and associated excessive drainage, postoperative infections and prolonged healing as well as the hazard of systemic toxicity are main shortcomings of this procedure6,9,14.
Partial removal of nail matrix in the treatment of ingrowing toe nail.
In some cases, permanent scarring of the nail matrix may occur, so a normal appearance may not be restored even after the infection is eradicated.
Longitudinal erythronychia with nail dystrophy involving multiple nails is also seen in inflammatory diseases, such as lichen planus and Darier disease, due to multifocal loss of nail matrix function.
We describe here the cauterization of the nail matrix with phenol after surgical resection of the tumor, a treatment that had good results.
There is usually a transverse laceration of the nail matrix, with the base of the nail itself extruding out from under the nail fold (Seymour, 1966).
A generous biopsy is mandatory to obtain satisfactory diagnostic material, and should include a portion of the proximal terminus of the nail matrix, the nail bed and the nail plate.