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The children were very excited to receive signed copies of a variety of Nanna Strawberry books and also got to meet one of the illustrators of her book, Nanna Strawberry Goes Horse Riding, Caitlin Westall, a Year 11 pupil at Lord Derby Academy.
While Nanna went to get the branches, I stood with Nathan by the fire.
All Nanna Ditzel's designs show a love of and commitment to her materials, whether she was working with traditional silver or wood or with new materials and manufacturing techniques including wickerwork, foam rubber, plastic and fibreglass.
Nanna's constant efforts to rehabilitate Lune in Paris and Gustav in Copenhagen are touching and not always successful or smooth, eventually providing the means for Nanna to find a niche in Paris as well as lasting love with Gustav, whom she also rescues from despair and loneliness.
Nanna commented that he appreciates the appointment as he believes the Company's Tonkin Springs gold mine in Eureka County, Nevada, has considerable potential.
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