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Nanoemulsions have been increasingly investigated as delivery systems for uniformly distributing antimicrobial essential oils in food matrices.
In further work, the online DLS system was used to monitor the production of a pharmaceutical, oil-in-water based nanoemulsion at the 100L batch size.
While the use of nanoemulsions in food can be cost effective, some surfactants and solvents may have potential risks for human consumption (He et al.
E-KLEEN biodegradable degreaser by leveraging its NanoEmulsion technology, which are used in wellbore cleaning, pipe dope cleaning, asphaltene and wax removal, and crude oil production enhancement.
The nanoemulsion showed a similar reduction when compared to a topical antimicrobial agent commonly used in people with burns.
Due to the fact that these systems do not require sophisticated heating, cooling or homogenization equipment, the formulator can make these systems in virtually any production equipment in less time than previous nanoemulsion technology.
The newly awarded patent covers the methods and compositions of formulating nanoemulsion vaccines, a unique coupling of oil, water, and antimicrobial surfactant together with antigens from specific pathogens.
These include nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, liposomes, dendrimers, nanocapsules, and lipid nanospheres to name a few.
This will allow the commercialization on an extensive array of applications based on the NanoStat nanoemulsion technology platform.
Contract Awarded for the development of a nanoemulsion adjuvant for use in a pandemic influenza vaccine.
He presents in detail much experimental data showing that a stable lipid nanoemulsion, when injected intravenously, is capable of actively targeting tumors and certain lesion sites through the process of receptor-mediated endocystosis.