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CODE, NAPOLEON. The Code Civil of France, enacted into law during the reign of Napoleon, bore his name until the restoration of the Bourbons when it was deprived of that name, and it is now cited Code Civil.

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El hijo del desdichado Napoleon II, rey de Roma y duque de Reichstadt, L'Aiglon, "El Aguilucho", paso su breve vida (1811-1832) en la Viena de su madre y en el palacio de Schoenbrunn al lado de su tia politica Sofia.
Refusing to ring the church bells in Napoleonic France whenever Napoleon II achieved a victory, authorities notified the priest Father John Joseph Begel to comply or teaching credentials would be revoked in the small community.
His efforts to have his son, the never-crowned Napoleon II, succeed him failed in both 1814 and 1815 and his nephew, Napoleon III, was declared deposed after defeat at Sedan, bringing monarchy in France to a close.