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'Anybody found in possession of equipment, machine, laboratory or any other utensil intended for preparation, production or manufacturing of narcotic drugs shall be guilty of an offence,' the MP proposes.
The order said the Narcotic Substances (Government Analysts) Rules, 2001 substantively provides for prohibition of cultivation of narcotic plants and prohibition of possession of narcotic drugs.
Logically, it is not possible to simultaneously be in a condition under the influence of a narcotic drug and in a condition after the consumption of a narcotic drug.
Developing advanced forensic testing methods such as impurity profiling, developing standardized forms of reporting which can withstand legal scrutiny, publishing and disseminating manuals on the above to all forensic science labs in the country and identifying basic minimum equipment required to conduct tests to determine the nature and purity of any narcotic drug psychotropic substance or precursor would be other responsibilities.
The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) has arrested two persons for allegedly trafficking narcotic drugs through a courier service in Accra.
The senator reminded that the country was a signatory to the 1961 United Nation's Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, as amended by the 1972 Protocol, which bans the production and supply of narcotic drugs and drugs with similar effects except for medical and research purposes.
Yaba is a narcotic drug which is a combination of Methamphetamine and caffeine.
In a new National Anti-Narcotics Policy-2019, the Ministry stressed that one federal drug testing laboratory will be identified which shall, in addition to testing samples that it receives, be responsible for developing/documenting/prescribing standard testing protocols for each narcotic drug, psychotropic substance and precursor and any other related tests.
We have uncovered narcotic drug cases mostly at these airports," said Police Brigadier General Nay Win.
The accused are charged that in 2017, as part of a group organized by the accused Srebrenko Balavac, participated in the smuggling and further sale in the illicit drugs market in BiH, of large quantities of narcotic drug marijuana - "skunk", which they purchased from individuals from Montenegro, and then smuggled them into the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and repackaged and further distributed the drugs on the territory of Mostar, and throughout BiH.
and other persons known to them, which was a group organized for unlawful international sale, transfer, transportation, possession, mediation in further international sale, export and import, dispatch and delivery of narcotic drug Cannabis sativa L.- Marijuana from the territory of the Republic of Montenegro to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, all with the aim of obtaining an unlawful property gain.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 22 (ANI): The chief of an interstate narcotic drug cartel, who was carrying a reward of Rs 1 lakh, was arrested on Sunday, the Delhi Police confirmed.