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NARR, pleading. An abbreviation of the word narratio; a declaration in the cause.

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NARR addressed this deficit when it adopted a national Standard for Recovery Residences in 2011, providing a measurable baseline for operating residences in an ethical, accountable manner.
The shark research program moved from SHML to NARR in the early 1970's.
Parking ba ys will be created alongside the road by narr owing the central reservation.
Examples proving the opposite include the fully aspectual Slavic verbal system with the opposition perfective:imperfective, and the Portuguese temporal verbal system with its six main forms, which are grouped in three oppositions (see the exemplary analysis of the Romance verbal system by Eugenio Coseriu, Das romanische Verbalsystem [Tubingen: Gunter Narr, 1976], 91-123, esp.
And now, it seems, they have given up on me and have taken it on themselves to keep me on the straight and narr o w.
However, of these two it is perhaps Monsreal who best exemplifies the versatility of the genre and the wide range of registers that narr ative language attains in the short story.
Gravesites, infused with this history, are assimilated into the narr ative texture of contemporary letters, specifically in the African American pastoral tradition.
THE DECLINE OF culture, the loss of personal grounding, alienation through technology, the almighty power of money, and the laissez-faire attitude of a wealthy society -- these are themes that one expects to find in the prose and dramatic works of one of Germany's most important and critically acclaimed authors, Botho Strauss, and the reader will not be disappointed with his new drama, Der Narr und seine Frau heute abend in Pancomedia (The Fool and His Wife This Evening in Pancomedia).
Comparable positive results have been replicated in other studies (Bos, Mather, Friedman Narr, & Babur, 1999; Palincsar, Magnusson, Marano, Ford, & Brown, 1998; Perry, Walton, & Calder, 1999).
Bloom: Narr ative for oboe and strings, score (6 p.
The moment you enter you're already part of a narr ative.