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NARR, pleading. An abbreviation of the word narratio; a declaration in the cause.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The road would be widened from four to six lanes,by narr owing central reservations, cycle lanes and pavements.
There were a lot of Victorian narr ative paintings there which I loved and made me think about becoming an illustrator.'' Six of Ms Hughes' favourite paintings from The Wa lker's collection will hang alongside her pictures, sketchbooks and storyboards in the exhibition.
The divorced father-of-two added: ``I've had problems in the past,I freely admit that,but I completed this course with no problems and I will wake up tomorrow and get back on the straight and narr ow.
We knew how to run and disperse into narr ow by-lanes, to return again to the streets.
More importantly, the A545, running p ast Gallows Point, presents an unwelcoming obstacl e to visi-tors, especially to those travellingin coach es, both in the traffic-full streets on Menai Bridg e and the subsequent narr ow twisting road.
As I said last time, there is always some group trying t o establish any number of festivals in t he city, but many don't get anyw here becausethe interests are too narr ow, just as many ``top down'' driven initiatives don't really eng age the majority of people.
There befo Cam deci narr off TURN TO PAGE 48 were allegations afterwards from Cameroon that the match was rigged and the BBC reported claims of racism in the tunnel.
Jurors took just one hour and 20 minutes to find Pc Sunil Narr not guilty of the charge following the conclusion of his trial at Birmingham Crown Court.
As the verdict was announced on Friday, Narr showed little emotion before Judge Philip Parker QC discharged him from the dock.
PC Sunil Narr told Birmingham Crown Court he aimed a blow using the base of his baton at the shoulder of Joshua Ward.
He must stay as a Zardari to clearly define his pedigree and then pointed out at a 'NARR KAA BACHCHA (the son of an Alpha-male), Abdushshakoor.