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In all of our analyses, we examine the use of narrow-spectrum antibiotics as well as broad-spectrum antibiotics, which have greater implications for the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections.
Many participants agreed that broad and narrow-spectrum antibiotics were not uniformly defined among their colleagues.
Both have clear advantages over narrow-spectrum antibiotics.
The intervention practices prescribed a much greater proportion of antibiotics belonging to narrow-spectrum antibiotic groups (penicillin, amoxicillin, erythromycin), and a lower proportion of antibiotics belonging to more expensive, second-generation macrolides (azithromycin, clarithromycin) compared with control practices (Table 2B).
Jay Grobowsky, president and CEO of DoctorDirectory, said, "We see MOXATAG as a unique first-line narrow-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of pharyngitis and tonsillitis and an ideal product for our IncreaseRx[R] solution.
PAR-101 is a narrow-spectrum antibiotic with potent activity against Clostridium difficile (C.

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