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NATALE. The state of condition of a man acquired by birth.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, not many studies are available on the assessment of family planning counseling being provided at tertiary care hospitals from both Public and Private sectors of a big city like Lahore, so this study was designed to collect information regarding family planning counseling during ante natal care and post-natal care, in order to develop new strategies to be adopted for improving FP counseling, for better utilization of existing infrastructure and services.
The external dimensions of fruits presented significant differences among cultivars, and the 'Baianinha' cultivar presented the largest longitudinal diameter, followed by 'Pera IAC', 'Pera IAC 2000', 'Natal IAC' cultivars, which are equal to each other, and higher than 'Natal 112' cultivar, which in turn, was higher than 'Pera Rio' cultivar (Table 1).
She urged the court to compel her husband to give her N35, 000 monthly as feeding allowance, N250, 000 to renew her rent and another N11, 000 to settle her ante natal bills.
In addition, the responsibility of fatherhood, the anxiety of added expenditure, the insecurity of failure, any job stress coupled with sleepless nights, can all can add on to trigger a full on paternal post natal depression in a new dad, the experts say.
Na pesquisa bibliografica foram analisados os novos enfoques da evolucao dos conceitos de sustentabilidade eco-socio-economica no planejamento urbano, uma avaliacao acerca do desenvolvimento do urbanismo no Brasil e, especificamente, em Natal, quanto aos seus planos diretores.
Natal's actions caused serious bodily injury to the woman.
Natal, the Brazilian host city of this year's 2014 World Cup, has issued a flood alert after it received a whopping amount of water from two days of non-stop rains.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Sha'ban 17, 1435, Jun 15, 2014, SPA -- Officials in the World Cup host city of Natal have declared a flood alert ahead of the U.S.
James Wright, of Luton, heading to Natal to watch Mexico v Cameroon before travelling to Manaus, said: "It's insane.
NATAL, Brazil Sun May 18, 2014(Reuters) - When Brazil drafted plans to host the upcoming World Cup, this Atlantic beach destination was exactly the type of city it wanted to show off.
Natal teeth are present at birth, while neonatal teeth are those that erupt in the first month of life.