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In addition, the responsibility of fatherhood, the anxiety of added expenditure, the insecurity of failure, any job stress coupled with sleepless nights, can all can add on to trigger a full on paternal post natal depression in a new dad, the experts say.
Brazil's meteorological agency said 15 inches of rain fell in Natal, a city of one million, from June 14 to 16.
All flights to Natal are booked and I'm now being flown to Brasilia, then to Natal but I haven't been told what time.
Who cares that Natal, in the historically poor northeast, lies far from the nerve centers of Rio de Janeiro and Sa~o Paulo?
Natal teeth are present at birth, while neonatal teeth are those that erupt in the first month of life.
This biography focuses on his role in the politics of Zululand and his impact on the history of Natal during the colonial period, noting that while he was condemned for 'protecting savages' and their right to land, he was also celebrated for his policies to prevent violence and insurrection.
A VISIT to a neo natal unit inspired two teachers and seven pupils to create a fundraising pop song.
The great bulk of these are South African and Mozambican taxa, and by far the largest component was obtained by Dick and the senior author during the course of the Natal Museum Dredging Programme (1981-1993).
DALE Benkenstein has raised doubts about his Durham future by joining Natal Dolphins for the forthcoming South African season.
Listar alguns lugares relacionados a historia da cidade de Natal (Teatro Alberto Maranhao, a Rampa, etc);
INTRODUCTION: Teeth that are present at the time of birth are known as natal teeth while the teeth that erupt during the neonatal period (from birth to 30days) are referred as neonatal teeth M.