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NATALE. The state of condition of a man acquired by birth.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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CUTLINE: (1) Marie-Elena Gray at her home in Leominster with her dad, Natale Pecorelli, whose son died on 9-11.
With minutes remaining the Englishman saved brilliantly from Di Natale scrambled back to his goal to deny striker a second time when he Armero's cross towards goal.
"It is a problem for us but it would have been a problem if Di natale had travelled.
He benefits from taking penalties as well as some excellent wing-play from the Udinese wide boys and superb service from Alexis Sanchez, one of the stars of the World Cup for Chile who will set up goals on a plate for Di Natale. Bet365 - match bets: 4-11 Inter v 2 Roma, 8-11 Juventus v Evs Milan, 8-13 Napoli v 6-5 Fiorentina, 4-6 Palermo v 11-10 Sampdoria, 4-11 Genoa v 2 Lazio, 8-11 Udinese v Evs Parma, 8-11 Bari v Evs Cagliari, 4-5 Chievo v 10-11 Catania, 1-2 Bologna v 6-4 Lecce, 1-2 Brescia v 6-4 Cesena; to finish bottom: 11-8 Cesena, 11-4 Lecce, 4 Brescia, 13-2 Bologna, 9 Cagliari, 10 Catania, 12 bar; top newcomer: 11-10 Brescia, 7-4 Lecce, 3 Cesena.
Rosalia's husband, Joseph Natale, passed away in 1983.
With Di Natale struggling to play too often due to dodgy knees, the Udinese manager now faces having to leave out out tonight to keep him fresh for the crunch title battles.
Guidolin has left Di Natale out of a 19-man travelling squad even though three of his other top strikers are unavailable through injury and suspension.
In Supernatural Entertainments, communication and media studies scholar Simone Natale explores the relationship between the rise of spiritualism and the development of media culture.
Di Natale said, 'We've had very productive conversations with The Nationals on this and we've got a bill now that looks very much like the bill we put forward in the house.'
Natale said the agreement marks a new era for the 20-year aviation service company.
Leader Richard Di Natale has announced the Greens will scrap the private health insurance rebate and reinvest the $5 billion a year in savings into the public health system.