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SIR - Before people cast their all important vote on whether to give the National Assembly of Wales any greater powers, the public should click on the following internet web site http://www.
It is incorrect of her to describe the National Assembly of Wales as ``bureaucratic'', because Members of the Assembly are elected democratically and open to criticism but bureaucrats are civil servants who are appointed and whose advice to the Government is confidential.
The National Assembly of Wales has proved to be fairly hopeless, so what hope for a North West Assembly with even fewer powers?
A NEW not-for-profit company is being set up to give business groups and trade unions the chance to have a bigger input into decision-making in the National Assembly of Wales.
SIR - I have written to the First Minister Rhodri Morgan and the leaders of the three parties in the National Assembly of Wales demanding full disclosure on Assembly Members' expenses.
SIR - Is Rhodri Morgan (Letters, December 9 - 'UKIP Misleads') really denying that the pounds 230,894, drawn by whomever, on his behalf, and used for Welsh Labour Party resources, would have been accrued, if the National Assembly of Wales were not in existence?

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