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And they were to the fore in the National Covenant, as Roy acknowledges: 'The most remarkable fact about the [Covenant] movement', he writes, 'was that it was inspired and led, not by ordinary chaps, but by some of the most influential chaps in Scotland' (p.
Secretary-General of the National Covenant Party, Ghassan Abdul-Aziz Othman, stressed that the criminal acts and destruction and sabotage in addition to targeting the national economy can never be related to any legitimate demands, adding that the political movement was clear from the beginning to be the first step to a war against Syria.
He accused Siniora of violating all rules of the Constitution in 2007-2008 when he stayed in power in breach of the National Covenant despite the resignation of Shiite ministers from his government in a fierce power struggle between the Western-backed Siniora government and the March 8 alliance.
With the acceptance of Enlightenment political theory in the colonies, however, the theological idea of a national covenant was replaced by the secular idea of a social contract.
It was followed also by the Palestinian National Covenant (Al Mithaq Al Qawmi), which was agreed after a convention attended by 422 Palestinian national figures at the 1st Palestinian National Council, which was held in Jerusalem from 28 May to 2 June.
He warned that the treaty had overturned the national covenant on which Muslim-Christian coexistence has rested since independence.
While we are denouncing Hamas' intention to destroy Israel, let's not forget that Fatah is an arm of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which wrote the same thing in its Palestinian National Covenant.
Last week, senior members of the Church of England and the Methodist Church signed a national covenant under which they will move towards sharing services, clergy and resources.
Speaking yesterday as Anglican and Methodist leaders signed a national covenant after a 200-year rift, Dr Rowan Williams said: "It is an irony that as we celebrate this new mutuality today, we also as Anglicans face new tensions and divisions.
Church leaders signed a national covenant pledging to move towards sharing services, clergy and resources at all levels.
The report, comprising a common statement culminating in a proposed national covenant, was published in December 2001.
He said his trial and conviction were in breach of the Inter- national Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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