National Crime Squad

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National Crime Squad (NCS)

a NON-DEPARTMENTAL PUBLIC BODY, tasked with combating serious and organized crime within, or affecting, England and Wales. The organization is under the operational direction and control of its Director General and is staffed by police officers seconded from local forces, although it now has power to recruit staffof its own. Overall control is with the National Crime Squad Service Authority. It may be that it will become part of a new SERIOUS ORGANIZED CRIME AGENCY.
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THE former member of the UK National Crime Squad who took Gower for the Conservatives in last month's election by just 27 votes pledged yesterday to oppose transferring responsibility for policing to the National Assembly.
Roderick Watson, known as Rod, worked for Newcastle General Hospital and the National Crime Squad.
Former Detective Superintendent Neil Thompson, who helped run the elite National Crime Squad, reckons the World Cup host country is a danger to Three Lions supporters.
The Serious Organised Crime Agency secured 243 drugs convictions last year compared to 309 achieved by the National Crime Squad in 2005-6.
He remained in the CID for the remainder of his career and also spent time on attachment with the National Crime Squad, nowmerged into the Serious Organised Crime Agency.
It will work in partnership with the National Crime Squad, the National Intelligence Squad, part of HM Revenue and Customs and the UK Immigration Service.
John Tyrer, from the national crime squad, said: "This financial result is excellent news and reflects the seriousness of Murray's crime.
National Crime Squad Assistant Chief Constable Patricia Gallan was kicked to the floor by two thugs who ran off with her handbag.
com has been developed by the National Crime Squad so parents and children can report suspicious behaviour online.
The new unit will work with a range of national and international law enforcement and child welfare organizations including Unicef, the Home Office, End Child Prostitution and Trafficking, the National Missing Persons Helpline, Save the Children, the National Crime Squad and Interpol.
But Goztas's empire was smashed after an operation by the elite National Crime Squad.
Career detective Mr Slough had retired from the Crime Support Unit, based at Lloyd House, in 2001 after a two-year spell in the National Crime Squad.

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