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This change remedies earlier weaknesses, whereby, instead of focusing effectively on its advisory role to the competent authorities, the Drugs Council was tied up in reviewing individual requests for the dispensing of drugs that either are not included in the National Formulary, or are included but otherwise disallowed," a statement said.
Although metronidazole is not recommended for use in patients with acute porphyria, it was judged to be the most effective therapy, and the benefit was considered to outweigh the risk [British National Formulary, 2006].
All CITGO's Clarion food grade white mineral oils meet kosher certification requirements and the requirements of the US Food and Drag Administration (FDA), Food grade white mineral oils must meet the following standards established by the United States Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary (USP-NF): Colorless, odorless and tasteless: Free or nearly free of Fluorescence; Neutral to litmus; Pass Readily Carbonizable Substances Test: Meet limits for Polynuclear Compounds (FDA UV Test); Pass Solid Paraffin Test al 0 [degrees]C.
More efficacious drugs could be barred from a national formulary (a listing of the drugs that may be prescribed for reimbursement) if their manufacturers would not meet the price "offered" by the government, excluding those drugs from purchase even by the plans chosen by those who were willing to add their own funds in order to get unrationed access to drugs.
Tiger Balm is included in the British National Formulary a joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and millions of jars are bought annually.
In 1999, the National Formulary passed by the British Parliament limited the duration of therapy with a topical agent containing an aminoglycoside to 7 days because of mounting evidence that these preparations are ototoxic.
Indeed, the British National Formulary (BNF), the independent drug bible, states that the assumption that these compounds can promote expectoration in the sort of doses found in cough remedies "is a myth".
GPs' prescribing bible, the British National Formulary, says handing out unsuitable drugs costs the NHS in Scotland pounds 10million per year.
The British National Formulary, for example, states that oral zinc therapy should only be given "when there is good evidence of deficiency" - and British doctors, like many of their American colleagues, look at zinc supplements as a dietary fad, except for their elderly patients.
For emerging therapies, the increasingly localized nature of healthcare funding and decision making in most EU5 countries--France is a notable exception--creates an additional market access hurdle beyond national formulary inclusion negotiations.
Aimed at all healthcare providers who prescribe, dispense, monitor, and administer medicines to children in the UK, this volume, the British National Formulary, outlines information on the use of medicines in children from birth to adolescence.
The approval of the first pill for MS, called Fingolimod (trade name Gilenya), which is a ray of hope for MS sufferers, has taken us one step back, because this medication has still not been incorporated into our national formulary," said the Association's head Lenia Takoushi.

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