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This article provides an overview of the National Guard military justice systems among the states, territories, and the District of Columbia.
The Army National Guard of the United States is part of the organized militia which is "a land force" that is "trained, and has its officers appointed, under the sixteenth clause of section 8, article I, of the Constitution," which "is organized, armed, and equipped wholly or partly at Federal expense," and is also "federally recognized.
The California National Guard is hosting the National Guard Association of the United States, or NGAUS, conference for the first time in 30 years.
Guard members and their families face unique employment challenges, and we at CASY & MSCCN will continue to partner with NGB and the state National Guard Commands to provide employment placement support of our Soldiers and their family members into meaningful careers that are a match for their skills, abilities, and needs.
The state Department of Personnel Administration issued a memo Tuesday telling state personnel officers to inform workers called to active service in the California National Guard - though not in the reserves - they get a month's state pay.
James, a Republican, has boasted that the only way to stop the National Guard from doing what he says is for the president to federalize it.
DFIRST allows Army National Guard personnel to engage in sophisticated armored warfare training exercises and play back the engagement's events in an after-action review facility.
This is the first combat National Guard unit from California to be sent out since the Korean War, Westerfield said.
The National Guard visit was arranged through the Sheriff Department's Success Through Awareness and Resistance program.
Sam Elliott was so convincing in his role as a sergeant major that the more than 600 California National Guard extras in the movie, called him "Sergeant Major" on and off the set," said Maj.
You're likely to see National Guard personnel at airports, conceivably as early as this weekend, Monday or Tuesday, getting (FAA) training in preparation for the duties they're about to resume,'' Davis said during a news conference at Los Angeles International Airport.
The 9th WMD-CST is one of the original 10 National Guard teams that the Department of Defense formed nationwide in 2000.

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