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Submitted by The Health and Reproductive Rights Hearing of The National Organization for Women National Conference, Beverly Hills, CA, July 3, 1999, Chair: Sheila Moore; Submitted by: Linda McCabe, Sonoma County NOW (with assistance from Suzette Henderson, Ohio-Now, and Cordelia Hanna and Mary Ceallaigh, Midwifery Childbirth Awareness Project of California Association of Midwives).
One example is the National Organization for Women. In addition, outside the middle-class women's movement a great deal of women's activism has been taking place and some of it has been feminist in nature.
It is significant that one of the very first national organizations in this country to come out for the impeachment of Reagan during the Iran-Contra scandal, and for the defeat of his nomination of Bork to the Supreme Court, was the National Organization for Women.
* Betty Friedan -- Friedan, a Peoria native, helped spark a new wave of feminism with her 1963 book, "The Feminine Mystique." She also helped found the National Organization for Women.
Recognized for her participation in a variety of causes, Medaglia has been honored by the National Organization for Women (NOW), Americans of Italian Heritage and the Trey Whitfield Foundation within the past two years.
A sampling of entry topics includes The Carol Burnett Show, food trends, medicine, Harvey Milk, National Organization for Women, polyester, Salt I and Salt II treaties, and Watergate.
Groups involved with the rally included the Workman's Circle Shule, a Jewish Sunday school in Brookline, Mass AFL CIO, Mass Jobs with Justice, Mass National Organization for Women, UNITE, and the Jewish Labor Committee.
And his conclusions can be distilled to such hoary precepts--e.g., girls who are too smart or too ambitious will have trouble landing a husband--that one feels like making a beeline for the nearest chapter of the National Organization for Women. With friends like these, human nature needs no enemies.
Public Citizen joined the National Organization for Women in issuing a NOW-sponsored report calling for increased research to address the long-term safety concerns related to the implants.
Sally Satel, author of PC, M.D., has argued in the IWF journal that "the battered women's movement has outlived its useful beginnings," while columnist Betsy Hart predicted that the domestic violence law would "perpetuate false information, waste money and urge vulnerable women to mistrust all men." Says Kim Gandy, the president of the National Organization for Women: "I'm appalled, but I am not shocked."
The National Organization for Women and abortion clinics in Wilmington, Del., and Milwaukee had sued antiabortion groups under the racketeering law to defend themselves against what they described as violent tactics.
"There's a pattern here to establish fetal personhood," complained Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. Pro-abortionists angrily maintained that the proposed change would set "precedents."

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