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No one has a complete roadmap for balancing national autonomy and international cooperation.
Maruyama stressed the importance of pacifism and democracy as the keys to autonomy, though for him this was both national autonomy in the geopolitical environment of the early Cold War and personal autonomy against social conformity and the state (Yasuoka would consider such individualism foreign to Japanese culture).
He added that besides the obvious implications of lagging behind other similar countries, slower growth also tended to be associated with heightened social frustrations and conflict, lower quality of social services, poorer health conditions, enormous gaps in essential resources (especially water, energy and food security), and lack of national autonomy.
Reforms can require foreign pressure, though many politicians worry that national autonomy is sacrificed for corporate interests that play a dominant role in making rules.
of Copenhagen, Denmark), the country reflects a pragmatic approach to balancing preservation of national autonomy and maximizing influence through institutional engagement and should serve as a lesson to other EU member states, particularly small states.
In the modern era, the Kurdish nation has had to confront in all of the "host" states centralizing, ethnically-based nationalist regimes -- Turkish, Arab and Persian -- with little or no tolerance for expressions of national autonomy within their borders.
But he offers a striking revision of those paradigms, preferring to characterize Irish national tales by Edgeworth, Owenson, the Banims, and others as exercises in "experimental Unionism" (10), concerned more with Catholic emancipation than with national autonomy.
Like many Celtic football officials he is mindful of the considerations of sacrificing national autonomy on the false altar of a temporary Great Britain squad.
The reluctance of Prime Minister Diefenbaker to assent led to a debate that developed a discursive framework of national autonomy during which symbols of imported technology became entwined with the question of Canadian self determination and critical argument that technological development in Canada was shaped by economic and military dependency.
Although the background provides an insightful context for Romania's subsequent defiance of Moscow, this book's real merit lies not in the breadth of the author's treatment of Romania's struggle for national autonomy from the region's great powers and irredentist neighbors, but in its particular focus on Romania's status within the Eastern bloc of communist states after World War II.
Explaining the significance of "national rights" in the context of the "Declaration of Alba-Iulia", Iuliu Maniu show that the "National Assembly decided not national autonomy for minorities and did not understand to give it to them".
However, Pilsudski, focused on the fight for the unity of the Polish State, could not understand Jewish striving for national autonomy and blocked their initiatives.

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