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The political right of the majority to the exercise of power within the boundaries of a generally accepted political unit, area, or territory.

The principle of self-determination is mentioned in the United Nations Charter and has often been stressed in resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly. The concept is most often used in connection with the right of colonies to independence. It does not relate to attempts at independence by groups, such as the French Canadians or the Nagas of India, who do not possess their own sovereign states.

See: discretion, freedom, home rule, liberty
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It can be successfully dealt with by cooperating with other countries, which must inevitably mean giving up a measure of national independence.
Therefore, this is a great point of concern especially as the national independence day of Pakistan is coming up.
The fourth chapter deals with reform movements in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that led to national independence for most of the former Spanish colonies and Portuguese Brazil.
Understanding reached on historical choices, the Lebanese identity and national independence are big achievements that should be sustained," it added.
France also received a reasoned opinion' for its national independence rules with respect to international networks of audit firms (Articles 24 and 29 of the 2005 French Code of Ethics for auditors).
We must face difficult decisions in the short term, knowing that we will succeed one day to secure the national independence of Wales.
Dear Editor, It is easy to understand the motivation of Scottish people, shared by many English, in demanding national independence, which is the result of disillusionment and frustration accumulated over years of mismanagement, neglect and general ineptitude of successive British governments.
In numerous other ways during his 10 years at the UN's highest post, Annan had indicated his disdain for national independence.
It is the duty of the new generation youths to safeguard national independence and culture,'' the general said.
Nationalist and communalist parties in Malaya emerged and eventually succeeded in securing national independence from Britain in 1957.
Special attention is paid to outlining and analysis of Estonian educational strategy, policies, and school and curriculum renewal since regaining the national independence in 1991.
He coins the epithet "light-green" to more accurately reflect how environmental concerns eventually merged with chronic doubts about modernization to temper half a century of rapid economic growth driven by imperatives of national independence.

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