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The political right of the majority to the exercise of power within the boundaries of a generally accepted political unit, area, or territory.

The principle of self-determination is mentioned in the United Nations Charter and has often been stressed in resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly. The concept is most often used in connection with the right of colonies to independence. It does not relate to attempts at independence by groups, such as the French Canadians or the Nagas of India, who do not possess their own sovereign states.

See: discretion, freedom, home rule, liberty
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This movement epitomizes the early phases of anti-colonial struggles for national self-determination and unity when much of the Arab world, particularly east of the Mediterranean, was still under the control of the Ottoman Empire.
The Kurds have now embraced the idea that national self-determination implies that they can decide their own future in a voluntary federation as long as other groups in Iraq are willing to negotiate.
The conclusion is that the left overall lacks a developed analysis or political position acknowledging national self-determination, whether it is as nationals with sovereignty, or just substantive autonomy.
The CP's Black Nation Thesis maintained that black Americans in the Black Belt constituted an oppressed nation within the American nation and had the right to national self-determination.
Thanks to the spread of modern communications and formal education, nationalist stirrings have awakened among populations who have been denied national self-determination, but were previously passive.
Second, the right to national self-determination is conceived of as a right belonging to individuals not to a collective: "the fact that we acquire an interest due to our membership in a particular group does not alter its essential nature as an individual interest" (p.
The event is being organized by a forum of British members of parliament called Parliamentarians for National Self-Determination (PNSD) and will be chaired by Lord Nazir Ahmed.
Nineteenth-century concepts of international order, based on zero-sum balance-of-power considerations and spheres of interest, are threatening to supersede modern norms of national self-determination, the inviolability of borders, the rule of law, and the fundamental principles of democracy.
On 2 December Customs Union demonstrated its true face, the leader of the Union for National Self-Determination
This study brings clear-headed analysis to the thorny problems associated with national self-determination.
Nationalism refers to the political understanding that perceives Kurdish national question as a national political question and seeks its solution within the framework of national self-determination.
In the context of the Palestinian struggle for national self-determination, poetry has played an important role in communicating and defining the desires and history of the Palestinians.

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