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The political right of the majority to the exercise of power within the boundaries of a generally accepted political unit, area, or territory.

The principle of self-determination is mentioned in the United Nations Charter and has often been stressed in resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly. The concept is most often used in connection with the right of colonies to independence. It does not relate to attempts at independence by groups, such as the French Canadians or the Nagas of India, who do not possess their own sovereign states.

See: discretion, freedom, home rule, liberty
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Another major difference is that many countries officially support and recognize Palestinians' right to national self-determination, except for the major western powers led by the US and the UK.
What's more, the insistence upon solidarity with Israel's Palestinian victims--which is what I understand to be The Na-tion's editorial policy--is hardly likely to make Israel feel secure enough to offer those same victims the path to national self-determination to which they are inarguably entitled.
On the other hand, following the statement of US vice president Biden, who demanded Skopje and Athens to settle the name issue as soon as possible, Janevski wonders whether Americans continue valuing the basic human right of national self-determination and whether they have alone determined the name of their country.
Chapter four deals with the peculiar coupling of democratic principles, national self-determination, and minority rights with ethnic character.
First, that every single EU member state is responsible for the public order and security of its citizens, and therefore can undertake measures against people deemed a threat to these values in spite of the freedom of movement in the EU; second, that no EU citizen can be the object of repression based on their ethnic or national self-determination.
The 20th century principle of national self-determination implicitly expects neat alignment between boundaries of a state and its constituent nation.
If monarchies support each other in their fights against national movements, so can and should those who strive for national self-determination.
A new state concept needs to be established which will thwart the systemic domination of one ethnic group over another and will value ethnic Albanians as an integral part of the Albanian nation on the Balkan with a right to national self-determination," says Dikena.
In our case, the fall of the wall will not create a united Israel/Palestine, since we are two different people, each longing for their secure national self-determination.
The law, approved by the largely pro-Chavez national assembly last week, orders schools to base curricula on "the Bolivarian Doctrine" - a reference to ideals espoused by 19th-century independence hero Simon Bolivar, such as national self-determination and Latin American unity.
They have no better and more effective choice than to adopt a peaceful, civilised and continuous uprising until they put an end to the Israeli occupation and achieve their national self-determination
The Czech relationship to national self-determination is still not secure even after experiencing decades of "Czechness.

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