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The profits of the nationalised industries had paid for our NHS education, police, etc.
They don't any longer want nationalised industries, but they do believe that by rules, directives, controls and regulations they can tell industry what to do and stop it acting naturally.
When Margaret Thatcher privatised nationalised industries she was accused of 'selling the family silver'.
The originator of policies which led to the decimation of nationalised industries across the region will surely never be forgiven, and rightly so.
We have seen what happens to other nationalised industries in the North East, the ship builders and the miners are almost all gone now.
He has lobbied China's finance chief and will today meet the country's minister for nationalised industries.
The biggest omission, however, is the refusal to limit the powers available to privatised utilities which continue to use the same procedures they had as nationalised industries.
British Steel was once at the centre of a legion of nationalised industries which formed the heartbeat of the country's economy.
But the potential cost on Whitehall of any compensation deal was spelt out, with several departments having historic responsibilities for old nationalised industries.
A recent case serves as an urgent warning for utility companies and other organisations that have taken over nationalised industries.
The coal industry, the steel industry, heavy engineering, the nationalised industries, have gone, they were all sacrificed on the altar of progress and 'globalisation,' why should the farmers and the road hauliers, two groups who have done very nicely out of successive governments in the past, not have to face the same challenges?
The North-East had its nationalised industries, which were forced to become more efficient then forced out of business when the Government cut away subsidies altogether.