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Similarly, the narratives of the Great Iroquois League, one of the most sophisticated social and political systems among Native American cultures, relates the founding of the Great League Confederacy through the unification of the Mohawk, Onondaga, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga and Tuscarora Indians (Vaschenko 1996).
Similarly, Native American writers experience Western limitations that reflect their dislocated relationships to the environment.
By the early 1900s, 80% of all Native American children across the United States were being removed, often forcibly from their family homes, to attend boarding schools (R.
Illustrations like these do not accurately reflect the differences among Native American people and promote erroneous and stereotypical ideas in children.
When many tribes reorganized in the 1970s, blacks often were the first ones shown the door, and if there were such an abundance of scholarship funds, Native Americans wouldn't be the largely impoverished group that they are," she says.
The narratives do, indeed, evoke a Native American slave world that held out better living conditions--for expample, stories of better housing and clothing, plentiful food, and close relations with their Native American masters.
But at the same time, most people drafting this law felt that our legal system needed to do a better job of representing Native American culture.
Swelter Shelter is the only known Native American site at Dinosaur National Monument that faces south, is relatively sheltered, and receives considerable reflected heat from surrounding rock.
Where are most Native American reservations located: in Northeastern, Southern, Midwestern, or Western states?
The "Kenniwick Man" controversy--in which 9,000-year-old remains were declared the property of a consortium of Native American tribes-illustrates the power of racial politics.
My district [encompassing the city of Flagstaff and most of northeastern Arizona], which is predominantly Native American, has more pressing concerns than worrying about the sexual orientation of its representatives.
Some camps may incorporate Native American imagery into their campfire programs.

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