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The award will assist Native American Bank to move forward in its mission to provide access to financial services for Alaska Native and Native American communities creating economic independence, development and sustainability.
Her example points out that although Native American students are likely to be field-dependent, a study done in 1990 concludes that Jicarilla Apache students had such great differences between each other that the researchers who conducted the study could not determine the students' tendencies.
While numerous Baptist congregations now exist on Native American reservations, some Anglos still fear Native American spirituality.
Miles, who is married to a Native American, admits that when she began the book seven years ago, she expected to find a story of two oppressed sets of peoples, battling racism and classism during America's formative years.
Tom Pearson, a writer and choreographer of Native American descent, participates in powwows as a Grass Dancer.
The study showed that Native American and white parents were similar in their antismoking socialization beliefs with one exception: Native American parents were less likely to believe that schools are better than parents at teaching children about the dangers of smoking.
This outbreak and the three that occurred at Native American archeological sites in California outside the known range for C.
Which Native American reservations labeled on the map are located east of the Mississippi River?
The "Kenniwick Man" controversy--in which 9,000-year-old remains were declared the property of a consortium of Native American tribes-illustrates the power of racial politics.
My district [encompassing the city of Flagstaff and most of northeastern Arizona], which is predominantly Native American, has more pressing concerns than worrying about the sexual orientation of its representatives.
Why should camps use Native American imagery in their programs?
Uptown lost 269 of its 652 Native American residents between 1990 and 2000, according to the census.

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