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INDIAN TRIBE. A separate and distinct community or body of the aboriginal Indian race of men found in the United States.
     2. Such a tribe, situated within the boundaries of a state, and exercising the powers of government and, sovereignty, under the national government, is deemed politically a state; that is, a distinct political society, capable of self-government; but it is not deemed a foreign state, in the sense of the constitution. It is rather a domestic dependent nation. Such a tribe may properly be deemed in a state of pupilage and its relation to the United States resembles that of a ward to a guardian. 5 Pet. R. 1, 16, 17; 20 John. R. 193; 3 Kent, Com. 308 to 318; Story on Const. Sec. 1096; 4 How. U. S. 567; 1 McLean, 254; 6 Hill, 546; 8 Ala. R. 48.

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4m in restitution to a Native American tribe, after the tribe paid excessive sales charges on purchases of non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Business Development companies (BDCs), the authority said.
The US Government asked the firm behind the constriction of the 1,770km line to "pause" action on a wider stretch held sacred by a Native American tribe.
The Western Passport Center (WPC) in Tucson observed Native American Heritage Month in November with a visit from John Robinson, director of the Office of Civil Rights and a speech by Raymond Buelna from the Pascua Yaqui Native American tribe.
WORLEY, Idaho (AP) -- A Native American tribe has canceled an Aug.
A NATIVE American tribe member is due in court tomorrow charged with keeping badger paws.
As part of the visit, native American tribe leaders held talks with high-level Turkish officials including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Foreign Trade Minister of the time Zafer Caglayan.
A NATIVE American tribe emerged yesterday as the surprise winner in the billion-dollar auction of the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe business.
Which is the largest Native American tribe in the U.
Organized alphabetically by tribe or group, there is at least one representative Native American tribe from each language family or language isolate for each culture area covered.
Wilma Mankiller, elected principal chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in 1985, is considered the first woman in modern times to lead a major Native American tribe.
No, it's not a Native American tribe (like Manisses, see second news article this issue), much less one with a lucrative casino.
Every year members of the Native American tribe came into her school, on the invitation of its 'far-sighted' superintendent, to share their way of life with the children.

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