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At Mount Kilimanjaro, natural scientists have observed a process that appears to corroborate the view that glaciers are melting in response to climate change; the ice fields of the mountain are obviously vanishing (Hastenrath and Greischar 455).
And, this can only be accomplished by natural scientists working in close collaboration with social scientists and cultural scholars.
John Ray may not be a household name, but he is described as the 11th greatest ever natural scientist.
In the early 1990s, natural scientists and engineers in Ontario negotiated an exemption in the Professional Engineers Act for anyone holding "a recognized honours or higher degree in one or more of the physical, chemical, life, computer or mathematical sciences, or who possesses an equivalent combination of training and experience" from requiring supervision from an engineer.
Most of the contributors are natural scientists, but scholars of business and economics present the longest papers, on numerical modelling marine pollutants exemplified by radioactivity dispersion, and marine natural product research in the western Indian Ocean.
I am pleased to see you still integrate the perspectives of sportsmen with those of ecologists and natural scientists.
A member of the editorial board of the journal Oil Shale, one of the most remarkable natural scientists and science managers in the Baltic States, Tallinn University's professor of geoecology Jaan-Mati Punning passed away on November 21, 2009.
Snow lamented the divisions between natural scientists and humanities scholars of his day in his lecture The Two Cultures.
Farming unions, natural scientists, politicians and economists like Lord Stern must work together to ensure that change doesn't threaten farming in Wales or of the rural population.
This suite of mechanisms has meant, in my experience, a much more receptive atmosphere at NSF than at the mission agencies for engaging in the kind of transdisciplinary collaborations among social scientists, natural scientists, and engineers that are necessary to understand and manage, as Branscomb delineates, policies to address the "institutions and organizations that finance and perform R&D; .
Written by a social scientist (Stehr) and a natural scientist (von Storch), the book informs natural scientists about the social context of their findings.
Those who were professionally aligned as behavioral or natural scientists were actively discouraged from investing any intellectual stock in this elusive topic.