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SERVITUDES, NATURAL, civil law. Those servitudes which arise in consequence of the nature of the soil.
     2. By law the inferior heritages, are submitted in relation to the natural flow of waters, and the like, to the superior. An inferior field is, therefore, subject to the injury or prejudice which the situation of the ground, in its natural state, way cause it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Second, natural trade routes, crossroads, or "loci of action" such as Hakata always tended to attract political power(s) and encouraged the drawing of boundaries.
"That has helped our brand grow beyond the natural trade, where we started.
Arvest said Caney was a "natural trade area" with Bartlesville, Okla., about 20 miles to the south.
New Brunswick has struggled practically non-stop since being bamboozled into Confederation as one of the four founding provinces in 1867, forfeiting its natural trade relationship with neighbouring Maine in return for the support payments it has received from Ottawa, in one form or another, ever since.
Lois and Tim Metford, owners of Way of Life in New Century Way, won the consumer education prize at the Natural Trade Show awards, held in Brighton.
Emer'gen-C was the fastest-growing vitamin C product of the top 10 brands sold in food, drug and discount outlets in the United States for the 52 weeks ended December 27, according to ACNielsen/SPINS Natural Trade Reports.