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Natural Bias: Empowered Millennials will take action when things go wrong.
Yet the media's natural bias toward focusing on problems-real or alleged--leads to very some misleading public perceptions.
l0-mil-wide lines to compensate for the natural bias of a screen printed line.
The control board is still likely to conduct a study of medical malpractice laws, and the natural bias of an organization charged with financial management may be to release a report proposing severe limits on liability.
The reversal of their target preference under strobic conditions was unexpected and may reflect a natural bias of horseshoe crabs for bright flickering objects.
The natural bias of the electoral college works in their favor (with a net average swing of eight electoral votes) since Republicans generally do relatively better in the smaller states (which are advantaged) than the big states (which are disadvantaged).
Technology-driven companies have a natural bias in favor of new products and new markets, so even profitable older titles tend to suffer benign neglect from the sales force and top management.
There is a natural bias away from "tradition" in these pages, with the same scorn for that word that composers such as Gustav Mahler and conductors such as Arturo Toscanini have held.
Some have suggested other team chiefs but most taxpayers would not agree to team chiefs as a mediator since there is a natural bias. Others have suggested using a judge as a mediator but some feel that a judge would be too decisive and not encourage the settlement process.
Therefore "observational lunar calendars have a natural bias to begin early," they note, especially where many people seek the honor of starting the new month.
Let me begin by saying that I take very seriously my role in FOMC proceedings and have a natural bias toward public disclosure and personal accountability.