Natural fool

NATURAL FOOL. An idiot; one born without the reasoning powers, or a capacity to acquire them.

References in classic literature ?
Seat yourself on the log; and my life on it, he can soon make a natural fool of you, and that well to your liking.
19) When Armin, who was not deformed (he was an artificial fool), played the well-known natural fool Blue John in his own play Two Maids of More-clacke (pub.
Here one kind of fool, a court jester (an artificial fool), identifies a natural fool, in his opinion a gross inferior in both physical shape and social esteem.
In this drawing, Armstrong stands smiling next to Tom Derry, James's natural fool, who smiles and points to him.
Evidently, I would argue, the cycles' and interludes' masked Devil was a type of natural fool whose blackness connoted not simply (or even primarily) evil, as critics assume, but folly.
1560-68), where the natural fool is Moros, whose name is derived from the ancient Dorian mimic fool, moros ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
It's difficult to teach people to become clowns but you seem a natural fool to me.
A natural fool was not to be confused with a fool who adopted mannerisms of idiocy for the amusement of others and compensation for himself, or one who was castigated by the clergy for his spiritual obstinacy.
A few other colonists shared his problems; none of them was considered an idiot, nor were they called natural fools.
Counter to common arguments, Hornback argues that the Fool of the Folio is a natural fool and that the Fool of the Quarto is a bitter artificial fool.
Shakespeare's deployment of the troubling natural fool type (often,
associations with the natural fool available to audiences in the