Natural obligation

NATURAL OBLIGATION, Civil law. One which in honor and conscience binds the person who has contracted it, but which cannot be enforced in a court of justice. Poth. n. 173, and n. 191. See Obligation.

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I wish we could be brought to consider this, and remembering natural obligations a little more at the right time, talk about them a little less at the wrong one.
If there is anything real in this world, it is those amazingly fine feelings and those natural obligations which must subsist between father and son.
People of different faiths or of no faith can recognize the natural obligation to respect the property of others.
In his earlier writings Vazquez contended that citizens "have mutually bound themselves, by their consent, to obey the law, which gives rise to a natural obligation, which is an obligation of conscience.
Traditionally at least, the undeniable gap between "literati" and peasant cultures notwithstanding, the proper Confucian intellectual/official considered the welfare of those under him to be a natural obligation of his office.
Canon views superior product development and environmental responsibility as working hand-in-hand, and a natural obligation as we work to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders, beginning with our customers, our employees and the local communities in which we operate.
And last, but not least, a state that supports the tax-funded killing in the womb of about 25 per cent of its own unborn citizens as a democratic freedom of their mothers, even while barring the fathers from all claims to a natural obligation, has clearly set itself up as a moral dictator and arbiter of the value of human life.
Panini recognizes its natural obligation to give relevance and prioritization to the environmental issues it can manage and control.
First, if the right order theorist will, plausibly, concede that there are some natural obligations, by the 'principle of correlatives' (34) they should also affirm the existence of natural rights.
For all the laws, institutions, and propaganda geared toward pressuring women into fulfilling their primary natural obligations as mothers, women were too far removed from the traditional patriarchy that had existed prior to the war.
It forces the father to do what nature meant him to do when he does not live up to his natural obligations.
In this case the contracting parties are free to marry, provided the natural obligations of a previous union are discharged.

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