Naturalized citizen

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NATURALIZED CITIZEN. One who, being born an alien, has lawfully become a citizen of the United States Under the constitution and laws.
     2. He has all the rights of a natural born citizen, except that of being eligible as president or vice-president of the United States. In foreign countries he has a right to be treated as such, and will be so considered even in the country of his birth, at least for most purposes. 1 Bos. & P. 430. See Citizen; Domicil; Inhabitant.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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9, 22 (1913) ("Under our Constitution, a naturalized citizen stands on an equal footing with the native citizen in all respects, save that of eligibility to the Presidency.").
The survey included such examples as a 2005 investigation into 1,668 Washington residents with "foreign-sounding names" - none were noncitizens; a 2000 investigation into 553 Hawaii residents alleged to have improperly registered to vote as noncitizens - none had voted; and a 2001 investigation in Milwaukee of 370,000 voting records that found four potential instances of naturalized citizens voting before they were sworn in.
There are certain requirements to become a naturalized citizen: you must be a permanent resident for an extended period of time, you must know basic English and have some knowledge of U.S.
While the state has no concerted effort to help newly naturalized citizens register, local groups and even some counties are stepping in, helping individuals register to vote as they leave their citizenship ceremonies.
He ended life as Japanese after becoming a naturalized citizen. He was most famous as a storyteller, but of other peoples stories, and he is largely responsible for the modernization of Japanese theater, particularly of kabuki.
Joo said children in noncitizen families and in families that have lived here at least 10 years make slightly larger contributions to child poverty than families with naturalized citizen parents and those who arrived here more recently.
The narrator is silent about the daily irony of being a German-born Puerto Rican married to a naturalized citizen from Tijuana, and working for la migra.
$50,599 $49,445 *-2.3 Northeast $53,949 $53,283 -1.2 Midwest $49,684 $48,445 *-2.5 South $46,368 $45,492 *4.9 West $54,722 $53,142 *-2.9 Race and Hispanic Origin of Householder White $52,717 $51,846 *-1.7 White, not Hispanic $55,360 $54,620 -1.3 Black $33,122 $32,068 *-3.2 Asian $66,550 $64,308 -3.4 Hispanic origin $38,667 $37,759 -2.3 Nativity of Householder Native-born $51,337 $50,288 *-2.0 Foreign-born $44,648 $43,750 -2.0 Naturalized citizen $52,833 $52,642 -0.4 Not a citizen $36,685 $36,401 -0.8 *Change statistically significant at the 90 percent confidence level.
Raimundo Delgado, a naturalized citizen and the constituent on whose behalf Congressman Barney Frank introduced a constitutional amendment in 2000, explained at House hearings on the proposed amendment that "the integrity of any American born abroad must not be questioned a priori" (U.S.
The aging Posada is wanted in Venezuela, where he's a naturalized citizen, on charges that he plotted the deadly 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner from Caracas.
Sister Dorothy (73), a naturalized citizen of Brazil, had worked for over 20 years with landless peasants.