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President Pranab Mukherjee gave his approval to the change in the naval ensign and crest last month.
Caption: The new naval ensign flies on HMCS Halifax after the colours ceremony on May 5, 2013.
The commissioning ceremony involved announcement of the commissioning warrant signed by the Chief of the Naval Staff, hoisting the Naval Ensign and National Flag on board to the tune of the National Anthem and breaking of the commissioning pendant atop the ship.
Sure enough, inside the package was an enormous Japanese naval ensign that a Knapp crewman had picked up at Japan's captured Yokosuka naval base.
Fully representative of the Kamikaze mindset was this patriotic outpouring from Naval Ensign Teruo Yamaguchi, also twenty-three, who wrote to his father: `The Japanese way of life is indeed beautiful, and I am proud of it, as I am of Japanese history and mythology which reflect the purity of our ancestors and their belief in the past--whether or not those beliefs are true.

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