NAVICULARIS, civil law. He who had the management and care of a ship. The same as our sea captain. Bouch. Inst. n. 359. Vide Captain.

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Outcomes of urethral calculi patients in an endemic region and an undiagnosed primary fossa navicularis calculus.
For example, a midline well marginated osseous defect within the clivus filled with lymphoid tissue has been described as a fossa navicularis magna.
navicularis portuguese populations have a high ecological value, as they successfully occupy dry sandy soils with poor nutrient availability and, therefore, actively contribute for soil retention, nutrient and water cycle regulation in places and conditions where few species succeed (Neto & al.
Es mas, la figura del navicularius podia coincidir tambien con la del negotiator como es el caso de alguno constatado epigraficamente como negotians vinarius et navicularis (CIL VI, 9682).
minutissima (Cyperaceae) (Diego-Perez y Gonzalez-Elizondo, en prensa); Paepalanthus lamarckii (Eriocaulaceae) (Espejo y Lopez-Ferrari, en prensa); Xyris navicularis y X.
Urethral calculi are preponderantly found in the prostatic urethra, the bulb, the proximal penile urethra, the fossa navicularis and external meatus.
The injuries typically involved the fossa navicularis, followed by the posterior fourchette, labia, and hymen, the researchers said.
Anatomically, however, the urethra is divided into five separate segments: fossa navicularis, penile or pendulous urethra, bulbous urethra, membranous urethra, and prostatic urethra.