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The Navy Department called it the heaviest blow inflicted on a single family since the Pearl Harbor attack, and "probably in American naval history.
consuls in those ports did everything possible to assist their colleagues in the Navy Department, gathering intelligence on "illicit trade" to better inform cruisers.
The former sailors turned down this suggestion and chose instead to send their donation to the Navy Department in Washington.
It was a shared shortcoming affecting both the War and the Navy Departments.
The Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department, Washington, D.
O'Rourke had a rich background as a Navy fighter pilot, test pilot, squadron commander, commander of the carrier USS Independence, and Navy Department analyst.
The secret investigations, their funding sources, and their personnel were concealed in an undercover Navy department entitled Section A, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.
In a letter to the Navy late last year, MacCurrach stated: "The use by the Navy Department for which I intend the goods is reconstruction of the USS Constitution.
He had legal troubles that kept him abroad, and political troubles that forced him to deceive De Long concerning the support of the Navy Department for the expedition.
House of Fraser, owners of the Army & Navy department stores, also pulled ahead, gaining 6p to 491/1p.
This book addressed Forrestal's years in the Navy Department, a time characterized by the rapid expansion of the American Navy and a successful battle to keep the Air Force from taking control of naval air.
We know that the larger issue is a cultural problem which has allowed demeaning behavior and attitudes toward women to exist within the Navy Department.

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