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NON BIS IN IDEM, civil law. This phrase signifies that no one shall be twice tried for the same offence; that is, that when a party accused has been once tried by a tribunal in the last resort, and either convicted or acquitted, he shall not again be tried. Code 9, 2, 9 & 11. Merl. Repert. h.t. Vide art. Jeopardy.

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1948) with essays on such matters as the transnational dimension for the ne bis in idem principle and the notion of res iudicata in the European Union, implementing Kampala: the new crime of aggression under the German Code of Crimes Against International Law, fundamentally dissenting Judge Schomburg, international criminal liability for incitement and hate speech, and the international prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes perpetrated during the First World War.
No obstante, tanto el control de legalidad como las especificas facultades sancionadoras en materia de responsabilidad administrativa funcional deberan implementarse sin que constituyan un factor de paralisis en la gestion publica y en armonia con los principios de legalidad, debido proceso y ne bis in idem.
In this context, the ECJ was asked to give a ruling on the ne bis in idem principle, which would prevent a member state from imposing both an administrative and a criminal penalty regarding an infringement of VAT legislation based on the same facts.
Penal, lesiona los principios ne bis in idem y de culpabilidad, este ultimo en lo que definio como dos derivados esenciales: el principio de proporcionalidad y su manifestacion en un derecho penal de autor.
The Corpus Juris proposal has nothing to do with ``indefinite detention on suspicion of future crimes'', or with ``trial by judges, not juries'', and it would not in any way provide for ``secret trials'', or for going against the principle of the ne bis in idem (being tried twice for the same crime).
In 2003, Greece proposed a draft EU framework decision on ne bis in idem,' but it remains blocked in the EU Council of Ministers.
The ne bis in idem or 'double jeopardy' principle, under which no one should be tried for the same act twice, has been bolstered by the EU Court of Justice.
Presently, the only EU rule in this area is the ne bis in idem principle enshrined in the 1990 Schengen Convention, which prevents people being tried for the same crime twice.
The Commission position, adopted on December 12, notes that ne bis in idem is part of the EU's mutual recognition of judicial decisions programme, although is not a top priority.
The Greek proposal on ne bis in idem was discussed in the Mixed Committee on October 2 as it essentially builds upon Article 54 of the 1990 Schengen Convention, which Iceland and Norway also apply.
The Italian Presidency is pushing for a wording that would apply ne bis in idem to all offences that can be brought before a criminal court.