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The rhythmical and, if I may so say, well-modulated undulation of the back in our ladies of Circular rank is envied and imitated by the wife of a common Equilateral, who can achieve nothing beyond a mere monotonous swing, like the ticking of a pendulum; and the regular tick of the Equilateral is no less admired and copied by the wife of the progressive and aspiring Isosceles, in the females of whose family no "back-motion" of any kind has become as yet a necessity of life. Hence, in every family of position and consideration, "back motion" is as prevalent as time itself; and the husbands and sons in these households enjoy immunity at least from invisible attacks.
"Little woman, even if you did cost thirty millions, you are sure the cheapest necessity of life I ever indulged in." And then he added, "Yes, I do have one regret, and a monstrous big one, too.
And yet his passion was real; whatever may seem false about such a love elsewhere, it can be realized as a fact in the provinces, where, manners and morals being without change or chance or movement or mystery, marriage becomes a necessity of life. No family will accept a young man of dissolute habits.
Gold is so much of a necessity of life for me, that I have never been without it; I must have gold to toy with and finger.
basic necessity of life but after the increase in prices it had become impossible for them to buy it.
Water is the biggest necessity of life. For the last several days, people of my locality are facing the problem of scarcity of water.
In extreme winter, that lasts from November to end of March, fir-wood stoves become a necessity of life. Mostly residents use different types of stoves for cooking and protecting themselves from the cold.
Circumstances are way worse in rural areas as 90% don't have access to the basic necessity of life and the threat of clean drinking water scarcity contains one of the prime challenges Pakistan is facing.
The small gadget has become a basic necessity of life. But why everyone tags the mobile phones as basic necessity of life?
A survey conducted by this scribe of different orphan houses in the city revealed that orphan inmates have been suffering of various problems including food, medical treatment, getting of education, tours and other basic necessity of life.
But that was before I began working with the industry and realizing that myself--and my Gen X peers--are, for the most part, completely ignorant to the necessity of life insurance.