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At the meeting, Salehi and Nega exchanged views on ways to develop the relations and cooperation between the two countries.
Eskinder Nega has been jailed in Ethiopia since September 2011, while the other defendants are living in exile.
A atitude passiva das personagens nega a utilidade de todo agir.
Tem pouco homem pra muita mulher, eu vou dizer voces vao botar fe, seja no Brasil, Japao, terra do sol, sao dez mulheres pra um homem so, mas as brasileiras sao bem mais gostosas, bronzeadas e curvas de se admirar, bunda que e preferencia nacional, fui no pagode no espaco aberto, tinha cada bicha boa do carai, que bicha boa, bicha boa do carai, que nega boa, boa do carai" (Musica: Nega boa do carai, de Joao do Morro).
People are so terrorised they just want this election to be over, and they want to go back to their miserable lives," Berhanu Nega, a former politician, said.
Abbiamo rinunciato ad elencare le variazioni grafiche (A: nega, colui; B: negha, cholui, coluj; ecc.
Maria Padilha brasileira e a rainha das encruzilhadas e de todas as pomba-giras, entre as quais se destaca a Nega de Um Peito So.
Nega Sarbast Omar, a 14-year-old 10th-grader returning from Europe, says that she lived most of her life abroad and away from most of her family, but returning to Kurdistan was a positive step.
Adams' task I wasn't so much to increase sluggish sales as it was to reverse nega tive sales.
Jeanne Larsen, Nalo Hopkinson, Nega Mezlekia, and others have taken up the challenge of writing history with the myths and legends left in: their work might be called magical realism, but I think fantastic history comes closer to the mark.
Husband and wife duo Jack and Joyce Foster's unrelenting dedication to sports acro gymnastics saw them both made honorary life members of NEGA at the awards dinner at the Marriot Hotel in Durham last Saturday.
D'Zurko: As a result of mergers of its major members, NYGAS and NEGA were merged in 2003 to form the Northeast GAS Association.