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6% cheapening of the national currency (Q1 2014), which means appreciation of import and negative inflation expectations of population," the forecast says.
Meanwhile, supermarket price wars continued to keep a lid on food and non-alcoholic beverages, which saw a third month in a row of flat or negative inflation - the longest period in nearly a decade.
50, nearly two-thirds of it coming from the interest and the rest is due to the negative inflation rates, Bulgarian 24 Chasa infroms.
This is because competitiveness rebalancing for the periphery would dictate much lower inflation rates, or even outright negative inflation.
Export of goods from Iran has also witnessed a negative inflation rate in the past couple of months.
It also presents the results of its application in the quantification of consumer inflation perception and expectations in the euro area and Ireland - the economy, in which the recent financial crisis led to the most negative inflation among the euro zone economies.
This negative inflation effect was comprehensively found to be significant for the OECD countries and particularly was found to marginally increase as the inflation rate fell.
When the inflation rate drops below 0%, you have deflation, which is by definition a negative inflation rate.
In the second quarter of this year we were able to maintain stable revenues for our group despite negative inflation resulting from our structural price investments at Food Lion and persistent difficult trading conditions in the U.
WORCESTER - With stimulus funds boosting one side and the sucker punch of the state's negative inflation factor bruising the other, the Worcester public schools budget proposal will limp into City Hall this afternoon at 0.
Both deflation and disinflation are negative inflation but distinct in character.
On tax allowances, he claimed they were frozen because they were set at a time of negative inflation in September.