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In the case of survey question on inflation expectations, the benchmark value is a measure of perceived inflation that treats observed negative inflation rates as temporary, not affecting inflation perception of respondents.
The investment bank forecast Qatar would have negative inflation of an estimated 4.
As the Japanese economy recovers, and the yen appreciates, Tokyo's comparative cost of living index has risen by 26% and made it more than 30% dearer than Hong Kong, which remains in third position despite negative inflation.
This positive effect amounts to negative inflation from the viewpoint of high-income consumers.
Margin contraction resulted principally from negative inflation, given that a significant part of the banks' asset base is denominated in inflation-linked Unidad de Fomento (UF), a higher level of liquid assets in the balance sheet mix, and significant dollar devaluation.
He added: "I wouldn't be surprised if we have another month or two of negative inflation given the very substantial move in oil prices and the changes in utility prices.
The State Statistical Office registered a negative inflation in the first month of 2015 as well.
Analysts at Moody's argue that while the big fall in the price of oil since the summer should, in theory, boost economic output by cutting costs for businesses and consumers, in the euro area, the fall in oil prices takes place in an unfavourable economic climate, with high unemployment, low or negative inflation and resurgent political uncertainty in some countries.
Economists said the continued plunge in the oil price meant it was likely to fall further and that a brief period of negative inflation was "not entirely out of the question".
The President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, said in a recent interview that the risk of negative inflation in Europe had increased.
While it is an important strategic asset class, questions about China along with negative inflation and currency trends in a handful of other emerging economies mean it may take a while longer for these markets to return to favor, he says.
The negative inflation in February was due to falling prices of clothing (-2.