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These limitations occur because the superior wall of the orbits (used as horizontal parameter in Ribeiro's method) in negative angle distortions is superposed by other anatomical bone structures.
He said he believes the News-Democrat too often looks for a negative angle when none exists.
The media aren't anxious to receive any Wal-Mart popcorn as payola, and Wal-Mart doesn't care to contact the local media about openings anymore because it knows the negative angle will be taken.
This negative angle has meant little coverage has been given to hospitals in Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland which were all awarded three star status.
Static flux generally increases with pitch angle (either positive or negative), and the standard deviation of fluxes among cycles at negative angle of incidence is much smaller than that seen for the plate.
This is the negative angle, alas, but what happened in front of 70,000 people on Saturday was primarily caused by Wales' shuddering incompetence.
The Winslow-Helical drill point geometry has an S-shaped chisel edge with a small negative angle.
Salice America's negative angle hinge operates at 30 [degrees].
5344 Note: A negative angle denotes a clockwise angle from the heel to second-toe-tip (HT) axis.
Cnc hydraulic bending machine segment must allow for bending sheet metal in a positive or negative angle without tumbling and turning metal sheet.
Community News states: "Some newspapers do not wish to use any 'good news' stories and others occasionally change the story so that it has a very negative angle.
While dealing with negative angles, it follows readily from Figure 1 that the position vector to be considered for the angle -[theta] would be r' as shown in that Figure.