Negative condition

NEGATIVE CONDITION, contracts, wills. One where the thing which is the subject of it must not happen; as, if I do not marry. Poth. Ob. n. 200; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 751.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At first there is a sort of negative condition, as if some tie were loosened, and then the absolute freedom quickly follows.
Participants in the negative condition were more likely to generate negative words in the fragment completion task than participants who signed up for the exact same study that was advertised as examining positive emotions.
Bahrain Livestock, in which the group has 36pc stake, continued to suffer from the same negative condition since the last two years mainly due to lower demand for red meat and tough competition from new traders working at much lower gross margin policy.
Investigation of the valence effect in each group showed that high-nAff participants evidenced a significant valence effect, F(2, 56) = 16.69, p < .001, [[eta].sup.2.sub.p] = .37, with amplitudes being accordingly larger in the negative condition than in the positive (p = .003) and neutral (p < .001) conditions (see Figure 1).
As depicted in Table 3, changes in latencies to distracting stimuli significantly mediated errors on target stimuli for the negative condition ([F.sub.(1,93)] = 53.07; MSE = 0.6435; [R.sup.2] = .36; p < 0.001), the neutral ([F.sub.(1,93)] = 47.83; MSE = 0.6675; [R.sup.2] = .34; p < 0.001) and the positive one ([F.sub.(193)] = 40.85; MSE = 0.7022; [R.sup.2] = .31; p < 0.001).
Further analysis showed that there was higher corrected recognition for positive (P = 0.007) and negative (P = 0.003) conditions than for the neutral condition at 10 min and higher for the positive than for the negative condition at 1 day (P = 0.05).
The elephant in the room, of course, was the shortage of production funds; but, conversely, this negative condition can work positively in the light of an excellent performance.
However, US military aid came with one serious negative condition. The equipment could only be used against communist countries.
As shown in Table 1, the mean scores of perception, affect, and social distance differed across all conditions in the predicted direction, with the positive contact condition resulting in more positive attitudes than the control, and the negative condition being more negative than the control.
[ClickPress, Mon Oct 06 2014] Despite the negative condition of the Italian economy and the overall negative growth trends recorded in alcoholic drinks, RTDs/high-strength premixes declined by only 3% in total volume terms in 2013.
1276 of the Civil Code regulates the right of unilateral termination, limiting its exercise upon a negative condition and upon one or more specific conditions in each case.
Ogliengo also said that the investments in energy sector in Turkey increased despite the negative condition in 2009 due to global economic crisis.