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Still, with these, as [67] with all other genuine priests, it is the positive not the negative result that justifies the position.
Negative results on fungal culture, as well as a completely normal appearance of the nail
Evidence has shown repeatedly that studies with negative results - most notably clinical trials - are grossly under-reported in the literature, leading to publication bias that is ultimately harming patients.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that screening mammograms miss about 20% of breast cancers that are present at the time of the procedure, leading to false negative results.
However, the percentage of true negative results in those without prostate cancer was significantly higher than PSA or PAP testing.
12%-45%) than among women with negative results on cytology (0.
Tests of these samples with the OSOM and ICON devices produced negative results as well, as previously described (1).
Islamabad, Sep 17 (ANI): The Obama Administration has been informed by the Pakistan Army that the US' new Af-Pak policy will yield negative results if it is applied in the same manner as it is being done in Afghanistan.
The diagnostic tests she refers to do not diagnose CRPS and often yield negative results that defense counsel can use to adversely influence the trier of fact.
News broke yesterday morning that one of the 74 horses in quarantine at the Eastern Creek station in Sydney, which had been heavily criticised in the official inquiry into last year's devastating outbreak, had returned both positive and negative results after being tested for EI.
pseudomallei serologic tests, performed subsequently, showed negative results by ELISA against the standard laboratory strain (204).
Williams, who grew up in Compton, passed a test by playing a day match following Tuesday's first-round night match with no negative results for her left knee.