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12] were inspired by the immune system, applied the techniques of negative selection algorithm and clonal selection algorithm for the intrusion detection in a WSN.
In order to meet WSNs special requirements for the design of IDS, a detail study of negative selection and clonal selection process resulted to propose an immuno inspired IDS.
1999); they found that red-crowned cranes exhibited positive selection of tidal grasslands and fishponds, no selection of reed ponds, and negative selection of salt works, seepweed tidal flats and wheat fields in the late 20th century.
The purpose of negative selection is to provide tolerance for self-cells (Aickelin & Dasgupta, 2005).
Hashemi and Latifian [10] found that self-oriented perfectionism and a tendency for successful learning and the negative to negative selection to predict.
In particular, we find that the population estimate of the return to migration in the urban sample is 20 to 30 percent lower than the within-brother estimate, a pattern that we attribute to negative selection of migrant households.
The self (normal) data only was used in the training phase to generate best rules that represent the Self profile, as the negative selection approach suggests, then the rules were compared against the test sample.
One of the most fundamental endogenous aspects of the second rationing is the analysis of the information asymmetry triggers in terms of negative selection (Stiglitz and Weiss, 1981, p.
For EH, on cycle 1 it was obtained a negative selection gain, meaning that the height of ear insertion decreased with the selection process, which is a characteristic of great agronomic interest.
Thus, according to Allakhverdov, during perception of polysemanticity a negative selection occurs (active rejection of one of its meanings).
HAV replicates as complex dynamic mutant distributions or quasispecies (8) and thus the high degree of conservation of the capsid amino acid sequences among independent strains must be the result of negative selection on newly arising mutants.
BACKGROUND: Dysregulation of positive and negative selection, antigen presentation, or apoptosis in the thymus can lead to immunosuppression or autoimmunity.