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There will be no audits for endogenous reasons (since the insured's participation constraint is satisfied), and audits for exogenous reasons are simply assumed to imply a negligable cost in the present since they are sufficiently in the future, and since they are also discounted by an accumulated probability of occurance.
For example, reputational costs are likely to be negligable for antitrust suits but high for product-liability cases.
He knows he doesn't have the player depth to win the World Cup and accepts the limitatins opposed upon him, particularly in attack where his options are almost negligable.
Also in the quest for an exciting and satisfying balance between sex and romance or love, the tension-level has risen, if only because the increased demands on emotion management will have stimulated both the fantasies and the longing for (romantic) relationships characterized by greater intimacy, as well as the longing for easier (sexual) relationships in which the pressure of these demands is absent or negligable.
There is also a saturation effect when increase in diversity per added locus becomes negligable as single individual clones cannot be differentiated by applying more characters for genotyping.
0008% decrease in sediment load for every 1% of the total cropland in the Big Creek watershed that is enrolled in the CRP or a negligable 0.