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NEIF, old Eng. law. A woman who was born a villain, or a bond woman.

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Estamos constantemente tratando de convencer a fondos soberanos e inversionistas arabes de diversificar en America Latina", agrega Neif.
They buy cars or houses, but very few have the discipline to invest," says Neif.
The family had given us no background on Neif, who was 86-years-old when admitted, and the staff began to disregard him as senile.
The development is just the latest investment made by NEIF.
The delegation, comprising of Jose Neif Jury Fabre, Business & Economic Affairs Minister, Promexico Middle East, Consulate officials, members of the Arab Mexican Chamber of Commerce & Industry and top Mexican company representatives, was received by Hassan Al Hashemi, Director, External Relations, Dubai Chamber, and was introduced to the encouraging business environment of Dubai and the investment opportunities it offers.
NEIF 3 was to be formally launched today at an event at Seaham Hall Hotel, County Durham.
Alan Schofield, finance director of Silverlink, said: "We have worked closely with the North East LEP since the initial plans were drawn up for Stephenson Quarter, and we are very grateful for its support in allowing us to access the NEIF finance.