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Nemo, qui condemnare potest, absolvere non potest. He who may condemn may acquit. Dig. 50, 17, 37.

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Nemo Walker Air is a portable tool for indoor benchmarking and multi-technology measurements.
The Kerry star did get off the mark early in the second half, the first of three points, but Nemo pushing on.
With this new version of Nemo Outdoor operators will be able to truly improve their Quality of Experience measurements.
Mr Jarman, who joined Principality Building Society as group chief operating officer in July, will now also take on the role of chief executive at its subsidiary company Nemo.
Other cats tend to creep around the dogs, but Nemo is different.
What did you know of Pixar when you got the Nemo part aged seven?
HOW TO CLAIM Simply cut out the voucher below, and take it to your nearest Finding Nemo starter pack stockist.
Andrew Stanton, director of "Finding Nemo," will return to direct its sequel and Albert Brooks will return as Marlin, Nemo's father.
Nemo PDF Company is a professional provider of PDF converter software established in 2006.
The Nemo is a strange looking car but it's a vehicle which is more about practicality than style - and it's got plenty of that.
Nemo was then taken to Halifax Animal Hospital to be treated for colic.