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11) To our knowledge, no study has examined these histologic variables of viability, tumor load, and necrosis to assess whether they are inherent to the neoplastic process or to the neoadjuvant therapy.
Because of the lack of good data and consensus, there is no general recommendation regarding the timing and use of neoadjuvant therapy even in high-risk sarcoma except to say that the preoperative use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy may be justified in carefully selected high-risk patients with large, high-grade tumors (8).
20] For individuals with suspected pelvic node involvement, histologic confirmation should be sought because the presence of pelvic node metastases would indicate consideration of neoadjuvant therapy.
Key Words: lung cancer, non-small cell, late stage, neoadjuvant therapy, adjuvant therapy
Location, multifocal disease, neoadjuvant therapy, and prior breast surgery do not appear to affect the SLN biopsy results.
Additionally, it plans to initiate registration trials beginning in 2013 to evaluate the compound for three settings in earlier-stage disease: adjuvant use; neoadjuvant use; and treatment of patients with residual invasive disease following standard neoadjuvant therapy.
Surgery may not be necessary for all rectal cancer patients, as those with a clinical complete response after neoadjuvant therapy had similar 4-year survival rates as patients who underwent surgery.
Breast MRI is helpful in demonstrating the true tumor size initially, as well as identifying residual tumor following the completion of neoadjuvant therapy.
Epirubicin is a well known chemotherapeutic agent widely in use as neoadjuvant therapy against breast cancer, despite its severe side effects.
In the Neo-Adjuvant Zoledronic Acid to Reduce Recurrence (AZURE) trial, 3,360 women with stage II/III breast cancer were recruited to determine whether treatment with zoledronic acid in addition to neoadjuvant therapy improves disease-related outcomes.