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A protocol was developed at Baylor University Medical Center to identify newborns at risk of severe hyperbilirubinemia and to assess physiologic and clinical risk factors associated with neonatal jaundice.
However, in severe neonatal jaundice, only about 25 per cent of the total bilirubin is in the plasma, and, following exchange transfusion, there may be another increase in serum bilirubin as the bilirubin trapped in the tissues returns to the circulation.
This article outlines the practice implications for community practitioners to detect neonatal jaundice.
A 13-day-old girl presented with persistent neonatal jaundice, profound micro-angiopathic haemolytic anaemia, a grossly prolonged prothrombin time and a white cell leukaemoid reaction of 53x[10.
Hemolytic neonatal jaundice, which is mainly attributable to glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, is a major problem in Greece and in most Mediterranean countries (16,17).
Cyclosporine has been reported to be associated with preterm birth and neonatal jaundice, but no specific pattern of abnormalities has been established.
Dai J, Parry DM, Krahn J: Transcutaneous bilirubinometry: Its role in the assessment of neonatal jaundice.
It's called neonatal jaundice and it's rarely serious.
A fiberoptic pad that delivers light to a newborn's skin may offer simpler treatment for neonatal jaundice than the phototherapy currently used.
The blue LED light, combined with its high intensity, provides optimal bilirubin degradation for the treatment of neonatal jaundice.
Thiazides cross the placental barrier and appear in cord blood and may be associated with adverse reactions, including fetal or neonatal jaundice and thrombocytopenia.
Kernicterus, a preventable brain injury resulting from severe neonatal jaundice, has reemerged in the US (1-3).

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