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Steen and He note that microarray analyses, looking at what genes are transcribed (turned on) in injured nerves, have also been useful in identifying possible nerve regeneration strategies.
The grasping test is a simple procedure, originally described for the quantitative assessment of peripheral nerve regeneration in rats (4).
Several previous studies have shown that BDNF can rescue injured or degenerating neurons and encourage axonal outgrowth, remyelinations and nerve regeneration.
Scientists now report that a compound made during inflammation, a natural reaction to injury, can induce optic nerve regeneration in lab dishes.
In terms of clinical implications, Inosine, which appears to have no apparent side effects in animals thus far, has potential as a novel nerve regeneration approach to treatment of stroke and other types of brain injuries.
Activation and proliferation of these cells are of crucial importance for an optimal nerve regeneration process.
FK-506 not only prevents rejection but is also a nerve growth factor that speed the rate of nerve regeneration," Gruber explained.
For pure axonotmesis, nerve regeneration will have a longer delay, and the resulting muscular contractions may be of poorer quality than before.
Future applications will address use of the collagen bridge along with drugs to enhance nerve regeneration, and these are currently being studied.
Evidence of increased cutaneous nerve regeneration was seen in skin biopsies from the legs of 4 subjects compared to baseline.
He is likely to undergo a final set of injections next month with the powerful circulatory drug phentolamine, which improves blood flow and speeds up nerve regeneration.