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In the nerve terminal, there are three main targets that can be involved in regulation of p.
Although its action regarding prevention of release of acetylcholine from the presynaptic nerve terminal is well recognized, the effects of botulinum toxin A appear to be broader.
The neuromuscular junction is the place where the nerve and muscle are in close proximity and where the acetylcholine-containing vesicles are located in the nerve terminal.
In support of this possibility, it was recognized that the activities of many nerve terminal proteins were regulated by the ionization of specific cysteine sulfhydryl groups to highly reactive thiolates (Kiss 2000; Lipton et al.
4] receptors are known to facilitate ACh release at the myenteric neurons and nerve terminals of GI tracts, followed by producing the smooth muscle contractions (Chetty et al.
Initially, electrical stimulation applied immediately after injecting HRP appears to diminish its uptake at the nerve terminals.
Dynamics of motor nerve terminal remodelling unveiled using SNARE-cleaving botulinum toxins: the extent and duration are dictated by the sites of SNAP-25 truncation.
It is also known that 6-OHDA is a useful neurotoxic agent that can reversibly impair the sympathetic nerve terminal [9,10].
There is a major problem for signal transduction for molecules acting on receptors at the nerve terminal that need to convey the survival signal to the cell body" (Hendry website 2005).
When the action potential travels along the nerve and comes to the nerve terminal it releases a chemical that acts on the adjacent nerve cell.
Increase in the nerve terminal perimeter and most of the synaptic vesicles were localized near the presynaptic active zones and scarces in the axoplasm.