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The sum that remains following all permissible deductions, including charges, expenses, discounts, commissions, or taxes.

Net assets, for example, are what remain after an individual subtracts the amount owed to creditors from his or her assets. Net pay is the salary an individual actually receives after deductions such as Income Tax and Social Security payments.

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n., adj. the amount of money or value remaining after all costs, losses, taxes, depreciation of value, and other expenses and deductions have been paid and/or subtracted. Thus the term is used in net profit, net income, net loss, net worth, or net estate.

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Manny Pacquiao came in as the second richest with a declared net worth of P3,005,808,000.
In Net category, Imran Janjua from Rawalpindi Golf Club is leading by scoring Net 134.
One of the advantages of this type of netting is that the net can be raised at the end of the rows, and a tractor or truck can be driven into the vineyard underneath the canopy.
In the quarter, the company recorded USD649,000 non-GAAP net profit, compared to net loss of USD1,000,000 in Q4 2008.
Meanwhile, local individual investors remained net sellers for the third straight month, with their net sales totaling 182.13 billion yen, down from the previous month's 816.86 billion yen.
Calculating net value: In the preamble to the final regulations, Treasury and the IRS noted that the comments received on a disregarded entity's net value illustrate the difficulty of taking into account priorities among obligations of disregarded entities in determining their net value, as well as the differing views on the best approach to measure a partner's economic risk of loss.
He also said that he hopes that funding Letting Down the Nets from undesignated bequests will not put General Synod in a deficit for 2007.
For example, ABC Foundry had net income after taxes of $1 million in the last year.
"The basic idea of net neutrality was formulated in the early days of the Internet as an engineering concept often called the 'end-to-end' principle." This principle holds that the functionality of the Internet should be at the ends of the network, with only "dumb pipes" in between to transmit data without modification.
Hit hard by costs associated with its Chapter 11 reorganization, Delta Air Lines yesterday reported a second-quarter net loss of $2.2 billion, widened from a deficit of $382 million in the year-ago period.The airline said it earned $175 million in net income for the quarter excluding restructuring items, reversing a net loss of $304 million excluding special items in the year-ago quarter.
Made from a special fabric interweaven with insecticides, Olyset Net is the only long-lasting insecticide-treated net approved by the World Health Organization.