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Their collective net worth topped $1 trillion, up 20 percent since last year, Forbes added.
Egyptian construction and chemicals industry tycoon Nassef Sawiris topped the Egyptian and Emirati-dominated list with a net worth of $6.
Summary: New list sees at least two newcomers after seeing their net worth rise over 12 months
When a CS is vetted into office, after some time the net worth is expected to rise rather than deep as it is with some of them.
SM group patriarch Henry Sy cemented his position as the richest person in the Philippines, topping the list for the 10th straight year this year with an estimated net worth of $18 billion, more than three times bigger than that of the next richest, based on Forbes magazine's 2017 ranking of the country's 50 richest.
annuity, trust and cash-value life insurance data: two new columns added to each Survey of Income and Program Participation net worth table.
But while it's one thing to not have many assets to speak of, it's another thing to reach the point of having a negative net worth -- and that's the category 14% of American households fall into.
The past year was unkind to billionaires all over the world, including the Middle East, where Arab billionaires saw their net worth drop by 23.
o The wealthiest individual across all age groups is Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and the Bill & Melinda Foundation co-chairman, age 60, with a net worth of USD87.
com/billionaires), Forbes found the 1,826 who made it to the list had an aggregate net worth of $7.
Some of the numbers in the report include the median level of wealth, or net worth, held by residents.
16, 2012 (CENS)--The recovery of Taiwan's stock market in September helped life insurers boost net worth significantly, as Cathay Life Insurance's rebounded NT$20 billion (US$666.