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1993, the district court found that the IRS focused too heavily on the significant amount of net current assets and did not consider the nature of the business when determining reasonable business needs.
These are the forecast inflation rates, the real interest and growth rates, the ratio of operating profit to sales, the ratio of sales to fixed and net current assets, the maximum permissible gearing (expressed as the ratio of borrowings to operating assets) and the corporation tax rates.
To estimate equity value, the value of net current assets, restated at market value less liabilities, is added to the value indicated by the use of the multiplier.
The purchase price is subject to adjustment dependent upon Valence's net current assets as of June 30, 2006 as determined by the parties' auditors.
8m in cash (subject to adjustment for net current assets and retained indebtedness of TCRS at completion of the acquisition), the issue of 3,609,978 ordinary shares and USD 0.
Ruchi Soya Industries stated that the oil refinery business of Ruchi Infrastructure comprises land, building, the refinery plant and its associated facilities, oil storage tanks, the net current assets and long term foreign currency loans and other facilities.
Caledonia's selected sectors are: Financial: comprising 25% of net assets, including holdings in Close Brothers, Rathbone Brothers and Polar Capital; Leisure and Media: comprising 16% of the net assets, including holdings in Kerzner International and The Sloane Club; Managed General Funds: comprising 24% of the net assets including holdings in British Empire Securities and Cobepa; Industrial and Services: comprising 10% of the net assets, including investments in Offshore Logistics and Melrose Resources; Property: comprising 12% of the net assets, including a holding in Quintain Estates; net current assets 11%; and Other: comprising 2% of the net assets.